Lauren Petrilli, LICSW

I am a licensed independent clinical social worker and therapist specializing in individual psychotherapy with equine and animal interaction.

For the past several years, I have met with children, adolescents, families, and adults of various identities and backgrounds, dealing with a wide range of concerns, including depression and anxiety, stress and conflict, relationship issues, grief and loss, life changes and transitions, as well as the impact of trauma and violence, within residential, school, and community-based outpatient settings. My educational background involves brain and cognitive sciences, the impact and healing of psychological trauma, and autism research. I became an LICSW in 2019 and developed ideas for an independent practice involving nature and animals soon after. 

My approach to therapy is non-blaming, collaborative, and curiosity-driven which helps me get to know you as a person and learn about what is important to you, rather than seeing you as a “diagnosis” with a one-size-fits-all approach to “treatment”. We will learn together how you want to respond to problems or challenges and bring forward your strengths, skills, and knowledge to help you with the process of change towards living and relating in more preferred ways. I am certified in Embodied Equine Psychotherapy™ which encourages growth and healing through an embodied, experiential, and relational approach. This means learning to listen to your body and feelings within real-time experiences with the horses, facilitating connection between you and the horses while caring about the experiences both you and the horses are having while interacting with one another. Within this approach, the horses are co-therapists who are respected as having their own knowledge and skills to offer within the therapy space. Sessions remain on the ground (no mounted work), sometimes with a single equine or within the herd. Alongside everything the natural environment and the animals have to share, my hope is to create an experience together that is helpful and meaningful in some way. 

Professionally, I am involved with the Narrative Therapy Initiative, the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation, and the Institute for Equine Assisted Practices, which have provided connections and resources that influence my practice. 

Professional Fees

I currently accept private pay via cash, check, credit card, HSA/FSA accounts. No insurance accepted.

Initial 50 minute sessions: $250.00. Follow up 50 minute sessions: $125.00. $25 per 15 min for consultations. via cash, check, credit card, HSA/FSA accounts.

Late Cancellations: Please note that for no shows and late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) I charge the non-negotiable fee of $75 unless it is an emergency.