Moonlight Ranch is a privately owned and operated 23 acre farm that provides a protected space for a variety of native species. Once part of the indigenous Pennacook Territory, the land consists of ledge, woods, wetlands and meadow. 

In addition to the natural surroundings, those at Moonlight Ranch have the honor of nurturing the health and well-being of three horses, two miniature donkeys, three goats, a small flock of chickens and two rabbits. All of the animals are provided a safe environment where liberty is respected when provided the opportunity  to participate in therapeutic work. 

Moonlight Ranch hosts four licensed therapists that provide individual and family psychotherapy with animal interactions. Each provider brings with them their own unique experience and training in both mental health and animal interaction. 

Most treatment modalities include animal interaction such as IFS, EMDR, Mindfulness, DBT / CBT, Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal Exercises, Relational, Experiential, Narrative, Energy Work etc. Other modalities such as Neurofeedback are provided independently from traditional animal interaction,

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